Mission Statement
Mission Statement:
 To provide a structure to enable the Marcuskys, family, and friends with a way to 
share stories, photos, files, mail and messages.

What can I do to help ?
 Sign the guest book. You do not need to enter your name or your email address, use none
to be anonymous and just tell me where your from.
 If you have a story or a photo you would like to share then click on the webmaster link on 
the main page or at the bottom of this page and send me a note and tell me about it.

WEB Site Story:
 A few years ago I put up a small home page at my local ISP. It was restricted to 10
megs of storage space but it was able to hold about 50 small photos. Then in October
2001 I got the idea to build my own server. The project took from mid October to
mid May of 2002. The marcusky.net domain was registered in late May. The server 
offers email via Netscape or Outlook, Webmail, Desktop, FTP and of course a WEB 

Thank You